Mission: with the message "Protect your safety". Thanh Cong Truong Thinh is one of the companies specializing in distributing and installing genuine Hikvision camera system to bring safety and peace of mind to customers. Hikvision Camera is one of the world's leading suppliers of video surveillance products and solutions. The company's products are of high quality, meeting international standards: ISO, CE, CCC, UL, FCC, RoHS ... These products have been used in more than 100 countries.
Hikvision products and solutions are trusted and used in major projects around the world: Bird's Nest Stadium (Beijing - China); London - UK public transport system; City surveillance system in Singapore - Safe City with over 100,000 IP cameras…
Besides Thanh Cong Truong Thinh is committed to providing genuine Hikvision camera, with the correct warranty period with the manufacturer given to bring the utility as well as the trust to use the product.
Hikvision camera product line is holding the top 1 position in the world among the 50 largest camera manufacturers in the world
Thanh Cong Truong Thinh supplies and installs Hikvision camera product lines:
  • Camera monitors HIKVISION
  • Hikvision Camera Recorder
  • Camera IP hikvision
  • hikvision IP Recorder
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Always putting the interests and satisfaction of our customers first and foremost helped Thanh Cong Truong Thinh to be loved and trusted by the customers, giving the company a foothold in the market. When you come to us you will receive:
  • Camera Hikvision has the lowest warranty rate, the product line is always imported whole belt, complete parts.
  • 24-month technical support.
  • Quick installation, extremely fast warranty.
  • Support permanent maintenance.
  • Delivery quickly, according to customer requirements set out.
  • Professional care policy, thoughtful, best after sales policy.
Why should you choose Hikvision product line:
  • CBU imported products.
  • Price is very competitive.
  • Diverse products.
  • Integrated analog camera, AHD, CVI, IP camera and HD-TVI camera on the same system.
  • Modern manufacturing process to ensure the best quality: All cameras are assembled automatically 100% by ROBOT.
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